Friday, September 30, 2011

Results of Good Personality

One of the outstanding results of a good personality is the ability to get along well and satisfactorily with your fellow workers, with your supervisors and executives, and most importantly with your customers! Stop right now and think it over -- isn't it a fact that the highest incomes and the most satisfactory jobs go to the individuals with the most favorable personalities? When have you seen a man or woman with an unpleasant, disagreeable personality in a position of importance?

Certain elements of personality may be more important than others. For example, consider this statement by Dr. J. Frank Dame, Head of Business Education, Florida State University. Tallahassee:

  Personality can and should be made a matter of attention for the individual. Personality is improved like most things -- through practice. It is something which evades specific definitions, but it is made up of many elements which include the way one talks, the way one looks, the way one walks, the way one smiles, and the very words one uses as well as mannerisms.