Sunday, April 24, 2011

Louis G. LaMair Statement About Personality P2

“Help yourself to what music has to offer – and help yourself.” Louis G. LaMair

Many workers are unusually sensitive and easily offended by unthinking managers. There are people who wear their feelings on their coat sleeves, where they are unprotected and a silly develop a jumpy, neurotic, erratic make-up. While it is true we may dislike association with them, and lose the free – and easy attitude which automatically makes for pleasant relations, we must nevertheless exert ourselves to overcome any repugnance and “go out” to them.

 Many centuries ago a great man said, “Let not your heart be troubled.” Someone else advised, “Do not become agitated.” They are the same thing. You have heard that people do not get stomach ulcers because of what they eat. They get ulcers in the same way by allowing ourselves to become bored, irritated, negative, hurt, argumentative, and upset. Just like the familiar quip, that “a man’s body is remarkably sensitive… pat him on the back and his head swells.”

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Louis G. LaMair Statement About Personality

Louis G. LaMair, President, American Music Conference, with the Penny-Owsley Music Company, Los Angeles.

 "Personality is the product of our native being, as it is molded and developed by the experiences and the influences we meet through life. When we are shunned by playmates after a fit of temper, we learn that temper doesn't pay. When generosity is repaid with the warm thanks of someone we like, we learn that it pays to be generous. 

But the wise person seeks for more than just the accidental and casual experiences that mold personality. He goes out of his way to find those things that mold a good personality...that leave one a bit stronger, a bit more capable of copping with the events of life.

Of all the personality-molders, music has always been one of the best. It brings to us the best thinking and feelings of history's most creative minds. It enables us to feel and to think the great noble thoughts these men had. Just by listening or by playing their notes for ourselves, we can enable our minds and our personalities to grow to their highest level - and to retain some of that growth.

let the music play (explored)
Music can be one of the most uplifting of all forces for molding personality. It is like a great bird that soars over a mountain top. It is free, and not limited by our everyday horizons. It becomes the spirit within us that fights the commonplace and the dull. It sings in our souls - and caresses our hearts. Sometimes it cries out within us with an ecstasy of joy and sometimes it is dark with sorrow. It is all of life as we live it or as we want it. And though it leaves us when we stop listening or playing, it is ever with us, for the whole thread of human experience runs through it!"

Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Strategy for Business

In business today, you should certainly go out of your way to get along with the people who work with you or for you. No matter what echelon you rate, the workers below you are entitled to your constant thoughtfulness and consideration. You never know when someone in your department or elsewhere will come up with ideas or suggestions that may be extremely valuable to you. But only if you make him feel that he may talk to you freely. That is where a good personality enters the picture and frequently decides the difference between good and bad human relations.

When you talk to a man, give him your full attention and consideration. When you listen to his ideas, put some smiling pleasantness and interest into your manner. When you shake  hands with a man, put some warmth, cordiality, and grip into the operation. Hardly anything so promptly lights the quick-burning fuse of a man’s resentment as to receive a hand clasp that has the vigor of an invalided kitten, the geniality of a drippy fog and the spirit of a cold buckwheat cake. Make your handshake human and you will make a human being out of yourself in the process.

Olga Basko, Business LinkFinally, when an employee comes to you with a complaint don’t listen with an attitude of bored resignation; put some human sympathy and understanding into your manner and let your kindly, genial, warm personality take over. Remember that, as the manager of the department  or the top executive of the business, it is your outstanding personality that has helped you to build up your reputation for fair dealing and sympathetic understanding.

If managers would only learn to listen more feelingly and sympathetically to their workers and associates, we would see much less concern over human relations and labor relations, in business today!

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Making An Enemy To Be A Friend

 You can get along with everyone. Wherever you go and whatever you do, people are just about the same. They are no more difficult to get along with in one business or in one place than another. Every individual has his own problems, his own worries, his own interests and desires. All you need to remember is that the art of getting along with people imposes some personal obligations on you. You cannot afford to lose your temper; you cannot be a gossiper or rumor-monger; you cannot pass the buck to others and evade your own responsibilities; you cannot overlook the little courtesies and kindnesses that lubricate your many daily contacts with human beings.
 If you will, you can make a friend of everyone. Even your enemy can be converted. He in particular must be converted, for an enemy can do more to harm you than half dozen friends can do to help you. A wise man once said, “The only safe and sure way to destroy an enemy is to make him your friend.” And in the process of trying to convert him, you will see many of your own faults, too, thereby making it easier for you to make him like you.

Friends for ever <3

Don’t forget that the other fellow is just as important to himself as you are to yourself. Thus, you will learn to approach him and handle him in the same careful manner that you would handle yourself. Remember that you may never tamper with the dignity of another human being, any more than you would want him to afford you. All these things help you to develop a personality that is cheerful, likeable, and affable – a personality that is impervious to trouble.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Budgeting Time Wisely

Budgeting time is good, really good! I been busy these past few days and I think a whole day isn’t enough for everything I do. If it’s only not bad for my health, I wouldn’t sleep at night.

So, I come up to an idea how to budget and spend my time wisely. I need to make a time table! Making a time table is good especially for those multi-tasker like me and for those who are in business. Actually, this is good for each and everyone of us! Time is gold for us to waste it, right?

  SO, I am showing my time table for an example!

7:00 – 7:30 AM
I badly need to have time for exercising.
7:30 – 8:00 AM
Updating Personal Blog
I got a blog that only me can read, and it is a must to update to EVERYDAY.
8:00 – 9:00 AM
Update More Blogs
Got few blogs alive, and it is also a must to update it as possible as I could.
9:00 – 10:30 AM
Meetings / OUT
I need to go out to cover some news/event for my Directory Website.
10:30 – 11: 30 AM
Editing reports/ SN/ Editing pictures/ EL/
I need to have time to edit my reports, SN, Pictures and email listing.
11:30 – 01:00 PM
Lunch break, unwinding, and time to think something to write some personal stuffs.
01:00 – 3:00 PM
Time for updating the directory website and daily reports to my boss.
03:00 – 08:00 PM
I got this interest in writing a Tagalog Novel, so I think I need a time to it everyday.

 *The schedule and time may interchange sometimes for some reasons!

 My time table shows some of my daily stuffs and a must! Actually, its not yet the whole thing I need to do everyday! There are still a lot!

I hope I have given you guys an idea how to manage your time and spend it wisely!