Sunday, January 15, 2012

Developing Your Friendliness

Friendship by jakerome
Friendship, a photo by jakerom

The man or woman with a friendly personality always has an advantage over the person with a dead-pan poker face and an indifferent attitude. In social life, in public life, or in modern business, it is significant that friendliness pays the biggest dividends. No matter what service you need, no matter what your goal in life, isn't it true that you always lean toward the individual with the smiling, friendly personality?

Friendliness leads to friendship, and friendship is the number one success factor in life. How many real friends have you? Can you count them on the fingers of one hand, or both hands? If you can equal that number, or go beyond it, you are fortunate indeed. Many people mistake acquaintances for real friends. While acquaintances are picked up here and true friendships are developed over the years.