Sunday, May 13, 2012

Early Start in Life

At seven when most children are still fascinated by dolls and toy guns, Gwendolyn Brooks was already stringing verses. She scored her first triumph at 13 by selling a poem to  the American Childhood Magazine. But that was just her first step on the ladder of success. She had to slave for 19 years more before winning the most sought-after award among men of letters.

Which shows to prove that the younger one starts in life, the earlier one reaches his goal.

There is no such thing as genius without anything behind it. The greatest genius are the hardest workers. For life is a little growing. One must pass the different stages of life. Most of us must start from a small beginning and grow steadily on. It is only in digging a well that one has to dig from the top and work towards the bottom.

Child Portrait
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