Sunday, April 24, 2011

Louis G. LaMair Statement About Personality P2

“Help yourself to what music has to offer – and help yourself.” Louis G. LaMair

Many workers are unusually sensitive and easily offended by unthinking managers. There are people who wear their feelings on their coat sleeves, where they are unprotected and a silly develop a jumpy, neurotic, erratic make-up. While it is true we may dislike association with them, and lose the free – and easy attitude which automatically makes for pleasant relations, we must nevertheless exert ourselves to overcome any repugnance and “go out” to them.

 Many centuries ago a great man said, “Let not your heart be troubled.” Someone else advised, “Do not become agitated.” They are the same thing. You have heard that people do not get stomach ulcers because of what they eat. They get ulcers in the same way by allowing ourselves to become bored, irritated, negative, hurt, argumentative, and upset. Just like the familiar quip, that “a man’s body is remarkably sensitive… pat him on the back and his head swells.”

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