Friday, December 24, 2010

A Winning Personality Part 2

The personality road to success. Haven't you heard phrases like the following, and agreed with them?... "There goes a man with real personality"..."That singer always makes, a hit because of her terrific personality"... "With his leadership personality and his winning smile, that boy will go places."..."That fellow's magnetic personality is going to help him get the breaks." The man or woman with a naturally interesting or impressive personality has already traveled much of the distance to success.

We must remember that, like an iceberg, much of an individual's personality is the reflection of submerged qualities. The part that shows above the surface is the outward attitude , pleasantness, enthusiasm, and aggressiveness. But the subsurface qualities are just as important, if not more so-such as intelligence, honesty, integrity, knowledge, and the continual desire for self-improvement. The surface part is merely the reflection of the vital subsurface qualities. It is the latter that makes it possible for the former to command attention.

The most difficult part of getting to the top of the ladder is getting through the crowd at the bottom. That's where a good personality performs yeoman service. Good personality means business. It is the magic ingredient of good business. As a group businessmen have excellent personalities. It is only natural that they should, for it is a man's personality that helps him to work his way up until he is head and shoulders above the crowd.

A winning personality in business enables one to set his foot on the first step of the ladder, moving upward regularly and steadily. Most of our modern business executives reached their position because of their many good personality attributes, and because they understood the value of good personality traits in getting ahead.

it has been said that the greatest source of waste in business and industry is people's failure to live up to their potentialities. As an example of the value of good personality traits in business, Jack Lac, America's most famous sales trainer, says,

"To get ahead in business today, you must have a favorable personality; you must be honest; you must take care of your health; you must be optimistic and observant; you must be able to think and talk; you must have ambition; you must have courage; you must develop a reasonable amount of intelligence; you must have enough imagination to figure out in advance what is likely to happen; you must have a certain amount of determination; you must be be tactful and considerate of other people's feelings; you must be capable of becoming enthusiastic about any ideas you like; you must be sincere so that you will be loyal; and you must be thorough in everything you do. None of these qualifications is difficult to develop. If you desire to be successful, you can develop them; and if you do, you are certain to enjoy a reasonable degree of success."

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