Thursday, May 12, 2011

Being Satisfied

It may surprise many people to learn that the average age of the men who reply to self help advertisements is closer to forty than to twenty. But it is not hard to understand why this is true.
Most young men are satisfied with their progress in business. Their native ability and energy are enough to win them regular promotions and salary increases. They find success only a matter of time.
But then the day comes, often with a shocking suddenness, when this easy and casual progress ends abruptly. Many a man wakes up with a start in his thirties or forties to find that his income has leveled off and that promotions have ceased. “I’m not getting ahead as fast as I should,” he says to himself. “Where am I going to be ten years from now?”

The answer is simple: Sheer ability and energy can carry a man to the midway point in business. But only a thorough knowledge of a business fundamentals and the right kind of business personality can help him beyond point.
 What is the right kind of business personality? There is just one way to improve your personality -and that is, to work at it! Select th particular points on which you think you need improvement -and go on from there steadily and regularly. Time is of the essence – don’t waste it.


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It is always good to be satisfied!

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