Tuesday, January 25, 2011

6. Friendliness

In all our contacts with men and women everywhere, regardless of position in life, friendliness still pays the world's biggest dividends! Friendliness is the quality of sympathetic human relations that develops good will and builds firm friendships. However, friendliness must not be confused with the familiarity that breeds contempt. Friendliness leads to respect and loyalty, and eventually is transformed into affection. It is the outward evidence of a cheerful willingness that begets a similar friendliness on the part of your fellow worker or associate. As Samuel Johnson said: "If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone. A man, sir, should keep his friendship in constant repair."

If you can walk hand in hand with others, meet them halfway, and constantly extend the right hand of fellowship, you will gain a reputation as a friendly person.

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