Friday, November 9, 2012

How to Develop an Executive Personality

The ability to develop a good executive personality and outstanding leadership derives from a number of qualifications that a man builds up over the years. He "grows into" them from long training and experience.

Here are some signs by which top management can predict, with reasonable safety, that a man with a given opportunity will rise to those characteristics which distinguish a good executive:

Sixteen Qualities of Executive Leadership

  • Good personality
  • Above-par intelligence
  • Wide experience
  • Good judgement
  • Originality
  • Keen mental attitude
  • Receptiveness
  • Stimulativeness
  • Administrative ability
  • Delegating ability
  • Teaching ability
  • Skillful human relations
  • Courage of convictions
  • Tenacity and perseverance
  • Long-range vision
  • Applied psychology
The quality leadership. Men follow leaders not because of any capricious instinct, but rather because they believe in them, have trust and faith in them, and have an inherent desire to follow them. The qualities listed above may certainly be counted on to develop the caliber of executive manpower that signifies the presence of good leadership.

Note these words by Earl D. Babst, Director and former Chairman, The American Sugar Refining Company, New York City.: 

A tested approach to assuming executive responsibility in a new or unfamiliar field is first to get its facts. Listen, of course, to the views of directors who have chosen you, but avoid or postpone commitments. Get away from headquarters and visit informally its field of operation. See for yourself what and how its organization performs and the reaction of its customers, trade, and public.
This means visits to all departments of its factories and distribution outlets, including shipping, warehouses, wholesale and retail stores, making all possible visits and contacts. Then you will know your organization and its personnel. Then you are ready to be its executive. Then you are telling and acting. Then the directors will listen.

Men with good executive potential and a well-defined executive personality are hard to find. When found, it often takes years for them to develop and grow into their jobs.  


fallenrhainnes said...

leadership ability to some they are born with it but there were also people whose abilities were hasten by experience and by the need of time. One must have a strong personality.

Chubskulit Rose said...

If you have those sixteen qualities, you are an exemplary executive!

lencilicious said...

Is it me you're describing? I'm just kidding.

Some are born leaders and pretty equipped with characteristics that made them shine among others. But there are also people who are developed and groomed by time and experiences. Lovely Share.

Ria C said...

Thanks for sharing this. I took some pointers from the qualities you listed above. It's good to know them so I know where I can improve on and what I can do to be more skillful. Also, it's good to have them in mind so I can establish myself accordingly as a leader manifesting those qualities the management will seek from the candidates.

papaleng said...

No offense, but I do believe leaders are born and only one trait do they have. CHARISMA. meron ako nyan..LOL

Aggie said...

Thank you for sharing those qualities - will really be useful too.

Rcel said...

Leadership skills aren't natural in some but in others, they need not be learned; just to be developed.

I thought this is a very informative post!

Cher said...

LOL on papaleng's comment. partly true though, leaders are born BUT some are made and sculpted over the years of experience.

betchai said...

some are innate leaders, born with a heart and mind to listen and lead, not everyone though wishes to be in such responsibility, otherwise, all will be leaders :) excellent pointers :)

Dhemz said...

now that's a lot of qualities...natatawa ako sa comment ni papaleng...lol!

Claire said...

I believe those qualities pointed out to become a good executive Leader are sharpened with experience. I couldn't agree more when you said" He grows into" becoming one from long training and experience.

mhie @ Travelentz said...

being in a top executive is a big challenge everyday. Everyone wants to be a leader but few people has a good leadership and there are more books in leadership you can buy and also a MBA in leaderships.

mhie @ Travelentz said...

being in a top executive is a big challenge everyday. Everyone wants to be a leader but few people has a good leadership and there are more books in leadership you can buy and also a MBA in leaderships.

Nova Hedges said...

we should be more concern and be human to our fellow employee in order to have a good vibe in the company..and i do agree with this qualities to achieve as all

Sahms Dining Diary said...

I never been a leader, I just reach the secretary level. But this is a good tip for those individuals who really worked hard to be an executive in their position. Two thumbs up for you.

Dez said...

The ability to lead is sometimes a natural quality that not everyone have even if they go on long hours of training and study.

Lainy said...

I have to agree over the above-mentioned top qualities of a great leader. However, some weren't born to be a leader but their good experiences over the years had honed them to be one. There were some too who were born leaders. I find it rather rare though. I personally believe that leadership skills is not learned overnight. It's always a continuous process and that's where experience would matter a whole lot.

amiableamy said...

I have one person in mind who has that quality - Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon. His business soar to the top not only because of those characteristics mentioned; he was born to lead.