Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Improve Every Shining Hour

It is your job now to improve when you are young. What should you do to improve every shining hour?

clock and numbers
  1. Learn something new, something that was not yours yesterday. Store a new idea in your mind. Gather new and constructive ideas from your elders and let your mind be a storehouse. Of course, it takes a keen mind to determine what ideas are useful and what to discard because they are trash.
  2. Absorb new knowledge. Take your day's lessons as a source of new and rich information, of new experiences and new lessons in the right living.
  3. Acquire new skills - skills which will give you techniques in doing constructive work, skills which will minimize, if not entirely eliminate, waste and errors.
  4. Discover new sights, new sounds, new scents from your environment that will enrich your life and make living an entirely interesting experience.
  5. It is when you are young that you envision what you would wish to be in the future. Reading is the best preparation for a happy life ahead.

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Macherie said...

ay express! gusto ko rin niyang napakahospitable na bubuyog. may kapatid ba yan na pwedeng ampunin? hehehe