Saturday, March 5, 2011

Know Thyself

Your father has plans for you. He dreams of seeing you a civil engineer someday. He tells his friends of his big plans. He does not bother appraising your talents, the things you can do and like to do best. He has not taken the trouble of sizing up your weaknesses. Seeing your father set on the career he likes best for you, you, too. That he feel it is the right thing to do for you to have a better life.

Do you think this is a good start towards growth? Is it someone else who should determine what you will be in the future? What is the right thing to do?

“Know thyself,” said the philosopher Socrates of ancient times. Knowing yourself means knowing your talents, your likes and dislikes, what you can do and like to do best. It means examining the world about you, deciding what you must do to get what you want out of life, then listing down your plans to reach it.

This in essence is the next formula for growth: to know yourself, know what you want for your improvement, depending upon your capabilities.

The more aware you are of yourself, of your strength and your weakness, the more alive you become.

Is it important that you should grow? It is of utmost importance:

“All that we need to do,

Be we low or high,

Is to see that we grow

Nearer the sky”

-Lizzette Woodworth Reese

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