Monday, March 28, 2011

Does First Impression Lasts?

First impressions are an extremely important part of everyday contacts. The people you meet, the places you go, the things you do all through your life are affected by first impressions – of you or by you.

People or places that make an unfavorable impression on you are left in the background. If you create an unfavorable first impression on the other fellow, you are usually left in the background. The reason your first impression is so important is that you don’t always get a second opportunity to correct an unfortunate first impression. Therefore, it is important that you keep your best foot forward at all times, in order to be sure that you do create a favorable first impression in every instance.

Jack Schwartz of Los Angeles has an opinion about favorable impressions. He is the author of the book: “How to Get More Business by Telephone” and conductor of Telephone Sales Clinics in California, and is famous as an able insurance salesman.

"I once asked twenty-five people: “Tell me frankly how many times in ten do your first impressions of a person prove entirely wrong? Think this over carefully and don’t let your vanity of opinion dictate your reply.” The result: 22, which is 88%, said that their first impressions were rarely changed. This about corresponds to what most people would report. So take serious note. You are extremely foolish if you ignore the first impressions you make – socially, in business, in public work – in every department of life.

So impressed have I been by this fact that in my sales work I take extra pains with my first contact, which I always make by telephone. Every word, every inflection, every thought is studied from the angle of what first impression it will make on the person who has never met me before. The result is that in four out of five cases I am able to make an appointment to see this person and talk with him face to face. His reaction is favorable or he would not agree to this appointment.

My sales success, I am certain, is very heavily dependent on this first impression during which I must register:

1. Courtesy
2. Consideration
3. Interest
4. Personal magnetism
5. Sympathetic understanding of the person’s needs and desires.
6. Eagerness to be of service
7. Gracious manners
8. Attractive speech and personality
9. Reliability and responsibility
10. Sense of humor and balance

I have trained myself to transmit all of these to make an immediate good first impression that I could rely upon."

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