Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10. Initiative

Initiative is the ability to develop original conception and independent action. It is one of the most dynamic words in the English language. The man with plenty of initiative becomes known as a self-starter. His entire personality becomes permeated with the ability to do things under his own steam, rather than wait for someone else to tell him when, where, how and what to do. As a result such a man develops a spirit within him that can accomplish miracles, and he develops a reputation for being able to charge his own personal storage battery. Man of this caliber are always at a premium in the business world-we can never have too many of them. Try it out yourself. When you are faced with a problem to be solved, don’t ask anyone else how to go about it; face the issues out of your own head and develop your own methods and techniques. You’ll find that you will become respected and admired, and you will develop a reputation for being a man with an enterprising personality.

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