Sunday, February 13, 2011

13. Spiritual Values

A man endowed with high spiritual understanding naturally practices good ethics in his dealings with mankind. He has a good sense of the Golden Rule, and has his mind filled with religious, intellectual and cultural values. He does not necessarily carry the air of a tall encyclopedia, and yet he shines in conversation because of his wide knowledge of current human events and interesting topics under discussion. He is well stocked with gray matter. He is often referred to as spiritual, not because he is entirely religious but because his spiritual qualities are prominently in evidence.

In the words of Maltbie Babcock: Spirituality is best manifested on the ground, not in the air. To have bread excite thankfulness and a drink of water send the heart of God is better than sighs for unattainable. To plow a straight furrow on Monday or dust a room well on Tuesday or kiss a bumped head on Wednesday, is worth more than most ecstatic thrill under sunday eloquence. Spirituality is seeing God in common things, and showing God in common tasks.”

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